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Our innovative platform crafts SEO-optimized blogs that combine real-time factual data and your brand's unique voice, delivering content that resonates as authentically human. Supercharge your organic traffic and connect with your audience in a way only you can - at scale.

NewOaks AI CEO
NewOaks AI CEO

As the CEO of NewOaks AI, I am thrilled to share our exceptional experience with Their AI blog writer has been a game-changer for our SEO strategy. In just three months, QuickCreator's AI has consistently delivered three SEO-friendly blogs every day, resulting in an impressive 230,000 impressions for our website.

The quality and relevance of the content produced by have significantly boosted our online visibility and engagement. Their AI's ability to understand and implement effective SEO practices has saved us countless hours and resources, allowing our team to focus on other critical aspects of our business.

I highly recommend to any business looking to enhance their SEO efforts and achieve remarkable results in a short period. Their innovative approach and reliable performance have made them an invaluable partner for NewOaks AI.

Lake of SEO writing experts - Let Our AI Blog Writer Handle It All

Analyze High-Ranking Articles for Ideas

Our AI searches the web for top-performing articles in your specific niche, extracting writing ideas that line up with search intent. This ensures that it's relevant and competetive.

Generate High-Conversion Titles and Descriptions

Based on selected writing ideas, AI Blog Writer learns from high-ranking content to create compelling titles and descriptions while miaximizing engagement and click-through rates.

AI-Powered Research With Real-time Data

Our AI scans the web in real-time, gathering the latest data, trends, and insights related to your topic. This ensures your content is fresh and relevant.

Create High-Quality Articles with Brand Voice

Using advanced algorithms, the AI tailors the article to match your brand's unique voice, making the content feel authentic and unique to you.

Crafting Humanized Content

The AI synthesizes the gathered information and your brand voice into a coherent, engaging article that reads as if written by a human, enhancing relatability and engagement.

Verified Citation Evidence

AI Blog Writer incorporates verified citations and evidence throughout the article, enhancing the reliability and credibility of your content by referencing reputable sources.

Automatically Insert Internal and External Links

Enhance your article's credibility with AI-inserted internal and external links that are optimized for SEO and improved user experience.

Contextual Image Integration

The AI searches for and inserts images that match the context of your content, making your articles more engaging and visually appealing.

Write in Over 28 Languages

Produce native-level content in more than 28 languages, allowing you to reach a global audience with ease.

Achieve Higher Rankings with SEO Keywords and E-E-A-T Content Quality Scores

Content Quality Score

SEO Keyword Scoring

AI Blog Writer analyzes your keywords in your content against current high ranking articles, providing a score that reflects your result. This helps ensure your content is optimized to rank well in search engines.

E-E-A-T Content Quality Scoring

Our platform evaluates your content based on Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) criteria, ensuring your articles meet high standards for quality and relevance.

Optimize for Google's SEO Requirements

With built-in SEO keyword and content quality scoring, AI Blog Writer helps your articles align with Google's ranking factors, increasing the likelihood of achieving higher search engine rankings.

Rich Text Editor

Boost Traffic and Conversions with Our Powerful Rich Text Editor

Embed Multimedia Content

Enhance your blog posts by inserting videos directly into your articles, making your content more engaging and informative.

Add Effective Call to Actions

Seamlessly integrate call to actions (CTAs) within your posts to guide readers towards desired actions, boosting conversions and engagement.

Include Code Snippets and Tables

Insert code snippets and tables to present technical details or structured data clearly, catering to diverse content needs.

Integrated Google AdSense

Easily integrate Google AdSense within your blog posts, enabling monetization and adding an extra revenue stream from your traffic.

Support for Traffic and Conversions

Our rich text editor not only supports enhancing traffic with engaging content but also drives conversions by incorporating interactive elements and monetization options.

Out-of-the-Box Blog Platform with Comprehensive SEO Solutions

Blog Platform

Ready-to-Use Blog Platform

AI Blog Writer comes with a fully integrated blogging platform, eliminating the need for additional CMS systems and reducing extra costs for your business.

Fast CDN Caching

Enjoy high-speed content delivery with our built-in CDN caching, making your blogs load quickly and efficiently for all users.

Custom Domain Support

Easily set up and manage your custom domain directly through our platform, enhancing your brand’s online presence without the hassle of using external services.

Technical SEO Made Simple

AI Blog Writer handles all aspects of technical SEO, so you don’t have to. Our platform addresses common SEO challenges, providing a one-stop solution for optimizing your content’s search performance.

All-In-One SEO Solution

From content creation to technical SEO, AI Blog Writer covers all bases, allowing you to focus on creating great content while we ensure it ranks well and performs optimally.

Save Thousands Monthly, Boost Efficiency by 90%, and Achieve Over 10X Organic Traffic Growth

Significant Cost Savings

With AI Blog Writer, you can save up to thousands of dollars every month by eliminating the need for expensive content creation and SEO teams.

Enhanced Efficiency

Increase your content production efficiency by 90% by letting our AI handle research, writing, and SEO optimization, freeing up your time for other critical tasks.

Exponential Traffic Growth

Experience over 10X growth in organic traffic. By leveraging AI for optimized, high-quality content, your blog will attract and retain more visitors naturally.

Comprehensive Content Strategy

AI Blog Writer combines cost-effectiveness, speed, and SEO excellence, ensuring your content strategy drives maximum results with minimal effort.


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