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How to Achieve Quick SEO Wins with AI Blog Creator

Blog Creation and Design Made EasyCreate your blog in just one click with our user-friendly design tool and stunning templates.
Auto-generate long SEO-rich postsInstantly generate fact-based, SEO-optimized content based on keywords or topics in minutes with just one click.
Diverse Writing EntriesChoose from different article generation entry points: keyword insights, product URLs, content blends, and more.
SEO OptimizationOptimize article content for SEO with strategic keyword placement, quality backlinks, and engaging, informative text to improve search rankings and visibility.
SERP-Inspired OutlineGenerate article structures based on SERP results. Manually adjust outlines as needed for satisfaction.
Facts & EvidenceIncorporating 'Facts & Evidence' enriches content with verifiable data, elevating SEO through improved credibility, engagement, and trust.
Automatically cover imageAutomatically search Google for free library images matching your article and insert them.You can also select a photo from Pixabay or add your own.
Blank Canvas WritingPowerful text editing and versatile blocks for crafting blogs from scratch.
Team CollaborationMain accounts add sub-accounts, sharing creation quotas for team projects.
AI Article Generation

Write Blogs Easily
From Topic / Keywords to Post

① Enter Topic / Keywords

Enter topic & keywords, select Target Audience's Country/Region and Language to generate an idea.

② Get Idea

Generate ideas through the top 20 Google organic search results of topic & keywords or search results in limited domain names.

③ Get Title

Generate titles from an idea, each with customizable options including word count, reading level, tone, and point of view for tailored content creation.

④ Get Outline

Create editable post outlines with options for facts, internal/external links, and cover images from a free library.

⑤ Generate Article

Generate high-quality fact-based SEO optimized posts.
① Enter Topic / Keywords

Write for SEO and back it up with real-time facts and evidence.

Blog Writer 2.0
Start with topic or keywords, gain insights from top competitors, and create SEO-optimized, fact-based content.
From keywords
Start with primary keywords, analyze and recommend additional keywords and topics through SERP
From Product URL
Extract product details and recommend keywords and article topics (URL must support crawling).
Article Fusion
Input several article URLs, analyzeand fuse the ideas to create anarticle with new structured.
How-To(Step-by-Step Guide)
Step-by-step guide on how to accomplish a task or solve a problem
Product Comparison posts
Used to compare two similar products or services.
Expanded definition posts(The"What" Post)
Provide an in-depth explanation of a specific concept or term.
The "why" Post
Explanation of why a concept is important.
Case Studies (Problems-and-solutions) posts
Present a way of solving a problem based on a real-life example.

Craft multilingual posts tailored to your target audience's countries

Optimize your market-specific content for 80+ countries and regions, with support for article generation in 20+ languages, ensuring precise engagement with your target audience.

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